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Published in Scoop USA

January 18, 2002

International Volunteer Drive

The Church of Scientology has launched an international program to train thousands of new Volunteer Ministers in practical methods to help restore order, bring relief to those suffering grief and loss and provide spiritual assistance in this turbulent time.

“There were hundreds of our Volunteer Ministers at Ground Zero, using what they knew to help both rescuers and those affected by the tragedy,” said Bunny Dubin, a Philadelphia Scientologist that traveled to New York after the September 11th attacks.

“There was tremendous demand for the unique help they provide. But what we saw there was really just a fraction of how our Volunteer Ministers service their communities. We are telling people how they can help, and assisting them to be able to do so.”

A Scientology Volunteer Minister has the know-how to help people not only in disasters but in every day situations such as dealing with an upset child, worried friends or the trauma of accidents.

“Everyone can learn these techniques and we encourage people of all faiths and walks of life to participate. All it takes is a desire to help others,” said Dubin.

The Scientology Volunteer Minister Program was developed in 1976 by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard to enable individuals from all walks of life to provide practical assistance to others.

Volunteer Ministers were instrumental in relief efforts in places such as Kobe, Japan, Western China, Korea, Mexico and Taiwan.

“We want to work alongside other religions, using programs like this one, to do something effective about crime and other problems in our communities,” said Dubin.

More info is available on the Program’s site at www.volunteerministers.org.

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