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To appreciate the scope of L. Ron Hubbard's life, his varied experiences and the many lands he visited in pursuit of answers to the human dilemma, the following chronicle has been provided. It is designed to give readers some feel for his progress and the sequence of steps leading to the discoveries for which he is so respected today.

13 March 1911:
L. Ron Hubbard is born in Tilden, Nebraska. In September the Hubbard family — Mr. Hubbard, his father, Harry Ross Hubbard, an officer in the US Navy, and mother, Ledora May — move to Durant, Oklahoma.

In 1913, settling in the city of Kalispell, Montana, L. Ron Hubbard first encounters the Blackfoot Indians at a tribal dance on the outskirts of town. The Indians are much taken with young Ron’s inquisitiveness and the beginnings of a bond are established.

From Kalispell, L. Ron Hubbard moves to Montana’s capital at Helena, where during the summer months he usually resides at the family ranch, affectionately known as the “Old Homestead.” During the harsh winter months, a three-story red brick house near the corner of Helena’s Fifth and Beatty Streets serves as his home.

Among other colorful figures in this still pioneer setting, he meets Old Tom, a Blackfoot Indian medicine man. A unique and rare relationship is established as the elderly shaman passes on much of the tribal lore to his young friend.

Many a Saturday finds L. Ron Hubbard and his friends panning for gold in the gullies for pocket money, while afternoons are spent riding broncos on the surrounding plains.

At the age of six, L. Ron Hubbard is honored with the status of blood brother of the Blackfeet in a ceremony that is still recalled by tribal elders.

In the spring of 1918 L. Ron Hubbard and his grandfather embark on an “automotive adventure” —from Helena to Portland, Oregon, in a Model T Ford.

After returning to Helena, L. Ron Hubbard takes his first adventure by himself, traveling to Tacoma, Washington to meet up with his father. He then moves with his parents first to San Diego and then a year later to Oakland, California.


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