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While in Washington, L. Ron Hubbard delivers 18 lectures in one week outlining his discoveries on such subjects as the importance of honesty and individual responsibility. He then returns home to Saint Hill.

In March, after extensive research and investigation, L. Ron Hubbard writes the book, Have You Lived Before This Life?

After delivering over 30 more lectures at Saint Hill and London, he travels to South Africa in September where he standardizes the operation and administration of South African organizations. At the end of the year, he once more returns to Washington, DC and finishes out the year by delivering three lectures.

After extending his stay in Washington for an additional 13 lectures he returns to Saint Hill for a week, then travels back to South Africa in late January. Here he not only delivers more than 20 lectures which further detail the means of realizing man’s spiritual goals, but also develops a refined pattern of organization for Scientology churches.

L. Ron Hubbard is awarded his second Explorers Club flag for his “Ocean Archaeological Expedition to study underwater sites of historical interest such as submerged cities.”

In late March L. Ron Hubbard returns to Saint Hill and in May he begins to give lectures to Scientologists on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course – a comprehensive training program for Scientology auditors in which the entire history of technical development is covered.

For the following five years, Mr. Hubbard dedicates his time to continuing his research into states of existence and releasing his breakthroughs and new technology to students of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. His discoveries and developments from this period become an important part of the route to Clear and advanced spiritual states. This time is also devoted to developing and standardizing administrative policy for the churches.

In the first week of September, Mr. Hubbard takes a short break from Saint Hill and travels to Washington, DC to deliver an eight-lecture congress in three days.

In addition to running the Saint Hill organization and the Briefing Course, during 1963, L. Ron Hubbard films a movie entitled An Afternoon at Saint Hill. The film provides a tour of Saint Hill and a view of activities there.
While continuing his work at Saint Hill, Mr. Hubbard conducts photographic shoots in the surrounding area and carries out a study of promotional actions at the request of a well-known local promoter of events.

In June L. Ron Hubbard begins a series of lectures in which he unravels the complexities of study and education, giving a technology which anyone can use to improve the study of any subject. This becomes study technology, which is used around the world today in both Scientology churches and in private and public education systems.

In January L. Ron Hubbard travels to the Canary Islands to begin intensive research on the spiritual nature of man and his origins. He returns to Saint Hill later that month.

His activities during the remainder of the year bring major organizational and technical breakthroughs as a result of his years of work at Saint Hill.

The Classification and Gradation Chart is released, laying out the exact steps to follow in Scientology counseling and training to achieve higher states of awareness and ability.

In November L. Ron Hubbard announces and implements the seven-division organizing board. This is a major breakthrough in the successful pattern of operation of any group. It has universal application and is in use today in all churches of Scientology and an increasing number of other organizations.
In February L. Ron Hubbard returns to the Canary Islands to continue his advanced research of the spiritual nature of man. On 18 March he flies to Rhodesia where he investigates the ability of a single individual to single-handedly assist a small country to overcome its problems.

In July he returns to England and delivers the final lectures of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.

He releases the first advanced levels of Scientology auditing which take one beyond the state of Clear originally postulated in Dianetics. On 1 September 1966, L. Ron Hubbard resigns from all directorships and management of Scientology churches.

He subsequently accepts his third Explorers Club flag for the Hubbard Geological Survey Expedition, which will find and examine ancient Mediterranean civilizations, amplifying man’s knowledge of his history.

In December L. Ron Hubbard purchases the sailing vessel, Enchanter (later renamed Diana).

On January 2, Mr. Hubbard arrives in Tangier, Morocco, to continue his research into higher states of spiritual being. He travels to Las Palmas, Canary Islands, where he meets the Enchanter which arrives on 25 February.

With a group of dedicated Scientologists, most of whom had never been to sea, L. Ron Hubbard forms the Sea Organization. He trains this inexperienced crew into a team of competent and professional mariners in a matter of months.

Joined by yet another vessel, the Avon River (later renamed the Athena), he and his crews conduct the Hubbard Geological Survey Expedition in the Mediterranean.

Mr. Hubbard’s search for the truth results in one of his most significant breakthroughs in removing the barriers to man’s ability to achieve full spiritual freedom. This research is fully codified and made available to advanced Scientologists.

In November Mr. Hubbard travels to England and accepts delivery of the 3,200-ton vessel Royal Scotman as a further expansion of the Sea Organization.
L. Ron Hubbard continues training the ships’ crews while living aboard the Royal Scotman (which is renamed Apollo). Mr. Hubbard issues more than three hundred instructional letters, covering all nautical duties from engine room maintenance to fire drills and from navigation to small boat handling.

In the fall of 1968, aboard the Apollo, he delivers 19 lectures and develops a new advanced course, the Class VIII Course, to train auditors to a point of complete, invariable certainty on all the fundamentals of auditing, and flubless application of those principles.

During 1969 he researches the effects and causes of drug addiction and drug use, developing procedures which address and solve the causes of, and remove the harmful mental effects brought about by such abuse. He issues these findings for broad use.


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