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Having developed a successful and standardized pattern of organizational form and function, L. Ron Hubbard turns to resolving the problems of how to manage an international network of organizations.

Mr. Hubbard streamlines organizational management technology – laying out highly workable principles of personnel, organization and financial management and handling which are found today in the Management Series volumes.

His breakthroughs at this time include the first significant advances on the subject of logic since ancient Greece. Mr. Hubbard conducts a comprehensive study of all existing public relations theories and practices and also releases his discoveries in the field of public relations, providing an entirely analytical and ethical approach to the subject.

In 1972 L. Ron Hubbard carries out a sociological study in and around New York City. Through the remainder of the year and into 1973, he researches vitamins and nutrition which will later become significant in his breakthroughs in the handling of the residual effects of drugs.

In February 1974, while aboard the Apollo, Mr. Hubbard forms a music and dance troupe to provide entertainment and goodwill at Spanish and Portuguese ports of call. He personally instructs the musicians and dancers in artistic presentation, music, composition, sound, arranging and recording.

During October 1974 the Apollo sails across the Atlantic to Bermuda and then on to the Caribbean.

From February through June 1975, while in Curaçao, Mr. Hubbard takes a series of photographs for the island’s tourist bureau and completes six photography projects for release in Scientology books and publications.

By mid-1975 the activities on the Apollo outgrow the vessel’s capacity. Mr. Hubbard returns to the United States.

Mr. Hubbard settles in Dunedin, Florida, where he continues his research into music, examining choir music at local churches. He writes the scripts for the first Scientology educational films.

L. Ron Hubbard moves to a southern California desert ranch in La Quinta and establishes, trains and supervises a film production unit. Over the following three years he writes not only a feature-length screenplay, Revolt in the Stars, but also the scripts for thirty-three Scientology instructional films.

During this same three-year period he also shoots, directs and produces seven films which are used in training Scientology counselors.

L. Ron Hubbard discovers that drugs remain in the body even years after usage has ceased. Consequently, he develops the Purification Rundown to rid the body of harmful residual substances. Coupled with his 1969 discoveries, Mr. Hubbard’s development of the drug rehabilitation program is complete. These techniques used by churches of Scientology and drug rehabilitation organizations around the world, allow anyone to free himself from the debilitating effects of drugs.

It is also in 1979 that L. Ron Hubbard isolates and solves the problem of increasing illiteracy. His discoveries and solutions later become the published Key to Life Course widely acclaimed for its miraculous results.


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