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Who was L. Ron Hubbard?

L. Ron Hubbard is the founder of Dianetics and Scientology and the author of the Scientology scripture. His research on the spirit, the mind and life is recorded in the tens of millions of words which comprise Dianetics and Scientology. His works cover subjects as diverse as drug rehabilitation, education, marriage and family, success at work, administration, art and many other aspects of life.

His best-selling book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health alone has sold millions of copies and continues to appear on the New York Times and other best seller lists around the world, nearly five decades after its original publication.

L. Ron Hubbard dedicated his life to helping others. He saw that this world had to change drastically, and he created a workable technology so that needed changes could occur.

Testimony to the effectiveness of his discoveries are the millions of happy and successful people and the hundreds of Dianetics and Scientology churches, missions and groups internationally.

Is L. Ron Hubbard still alive?

No. L. Ron Hubbard passed away on January 24, 1986, but he remains with us in spirit and through the legacy of his technology and its continual application around the globe.

What was L. Ron Hubbard’s role in the Church?

L. Ron Hubbard founded the Scientology religion. The first Church of Scientology was formed by a group of Scientologists in Los Angeles in 1954.

Mr. Hubbard directly managed the early Scientology organizations until 1966, when he resigned as Executive Director and turned this function over to Scientology Church executives. Although he continued to take an interest in the Church’s activities and provided his advice on administrative matters when asked, he devoted almost all his time to researching the upper levels of Scientology and codifying the technology he had discovered.

Has L. Ron Hubbard’s death affected the Church?

L. Ron Hubbard recorded the results of all his research in writing, on film or in taped lectures so that the technology could be preserved. As a result, Scientology has continued to expand and its future survival is assured.

All great religious leaders of the past have died. Their work flourishes. Men die. Wisdom and ideas do not. As long as men and women communicate and read and use the knowledge L. Ron Hubbard has organized, Scientology will grow and serve mankind.

How did L. Ron Hubbard rise above the reactive mind when others did not?

He applied to himself the principles he had found.

Did L. Ron Hubbard make a lot of money out of Scientology?

Like other authors, he made his money from the royalties on his books. As noted, one book alone, Dianetics, has sold millions of copies, and his total book sales of both fiction and nonfiction are in excess of one hundred million copies around the world, including more than twenty national best sellers in the 1980s.

On his death, Mr. Hubbard willed the vast bulk of his estate, including the royalties from the sale of these books, to the religion to help ensure its future practice to the betterment of mankind.

Was L. Ron Hubbard a millionaire?

L. Ron Hubbard was one of those fortunate people who never made problems over money. He inherited some wealth at an early age, but in the early 1930s became one of the highest paid writers in America, long before Dianetics. He was a millionaire several times over from his book royalties. His public book sales continue to be astronomical.

How is it that one man could discover so much information?

He simply cared enough to want it and had the intelligence and persistence to research and find it.

Few men have been trained in all the eastern philosophies and in the highest levels of Western science as well.

Knowing that his research was only as valuable as it provided workable solutions to man’s problems, he tested all of his discoveries and found the most effective methods for applying the results of his research. His workable methods enabled him to continue research into higher and higher realms of spiritual awareness.

Do Scientologists believe that L. Ron Hubbard was like Jesus Christ?

No. L. Ron Hubbard personally stated he was a man as others are men. He was a much-loved friend and teacher and continues to be respected and loved.

Did L. Ron Hubbard go Clear?

Yes. In order to map the route for others he had to make it himself.

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