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Think Clearly This Year
By Scott Chichester

It’s time again for the “New Year’s Resolution”. Why is it so many well-meaning people with intentions to improve themselves cannot seem to do so?

The poor success of such “resolutions” seems to have evolved now to mean something like “deciding to cease an imagined vice, and then quickly relapsing to ones previous behavior”. There are few of use that couldn’t think of such examples from personal experience. Why are such attempts at reformation often so futile? Perhaps the culprit is in one’s very own body.

In research in the 1970s and 1980s, L. Ron Hubbard, best known for his Dianetics discoveries and for the applied religious philosophy of Scientology, isolated a key factor. He found that residue of harmful drugs and toxins in the body inhibited one’s ability to think clearly and decisively even years later.

How does this work? Take a possible New Year’s resolution: “This year I will stop drinking!” The would-be reformer pours contents of the troublesome bottles into the sink on December 31. However by about January 3rd some stress comes into his life and for various reasons drugs and toxins are released from fatty tissues of his body into the blood stream. However minutely, he begins to feel the effect of what L. Ron Hubbard called “mental image pictures” as the are restimulated (called up again) in the resulting interaction between the tiny electrical flows of the body and mind (not the brain). Mental image pictures are mental copies of one’s past perceptions. Attached to these pictures are ideas, notions, considerations, decisions etc. about the subject at hand.

When the residue of drugs and toxins already in the body restimulate mental image pictures, so too are precious thoughts and decisions activated. These could be things like “Drinking is cool!” “Drinking helps me escape the pressure!” “I need a drink when I’m under stress.” These notions and decisions from previous experiences buck right up against the current decision to quit. They “short-circuit” the resolution or “will-power” below a person’s awareness level resulting in failure to “follow-through” and achieve the goal that was set.

The good news is that there is a handling for the problem. L. Ron Hubbard deduced that if one could remove the residuals of drugs and toxins from the body, then these harmful mental image pictures would not have a chance to be restimulated.

This would allow a person to think more clearly and decisively, his mind now not darkened with mental clouds of old energy and false ideas. To bring about such a state of mind, Mr. Hubbard developed the Purification program. This is a simple, yet brilliant, program of exercise, nutrition, and induced sweating in a sauna that purifies one’s body like a cool, clear stream of water, rendering null and void the adverse effects of the drugs and toxins. The result is a clearer thinking, more bright and alert individual.

Mr. Hubbard’s pioneering research, now given even more validity with new technological medical studies, showed that these drugs and toxins, embedded in the fatty tissues of the body, can be removed through the program.

More than a quarter-of-a-million people have already completed this program to rave results. Said one individual who completed the program, “I definitely fell the Purification program has been a great heal to me physically, mentally and emotionally. I haven’t felt this good in quite a while. I am able to think a lot clearer, sleep better and get along with my fellow man better.”

This year, if you want your resolutions to stick, perhaps the first resolution might be to do the Purification program, and then thinking clearly, improve yourself in other areas of life.

For more information call you nearest Church of Scientology.

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