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The following press releases are available for journalists for news and educational articles or to be reprinted in full.

This site is regularly updated. In the Features section you will often find follow-up stories to press releases listed below.

Careers of 24 New Writers and Illustrators Launched at Air and Space Museum
Over 500 fans, along with NASA astronaut Col (Ret) Rick Searfoss (now a test-pilot for XCOR Aerospace) and actress Marisol Nichols (Fox TV’s "24"), attended the 22nd L. Ron Hubbard Achievement Awards ceremony this past weekend at the San Diego Air & Space Museum to honor the 24 winners of the international Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests and cheer the release of "Writers of the Future Volume 22", the book featuring their first professional sale.
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Annual World-Wide Celebration Honors Author and Humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard
American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard will be recognized on this birth date in cities around the world for his contributions to education, drug reform and discoveries about the human mind and spirit.
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Winning the War at Home
While American soldiers fight to win the war in Afghanistan, a war is being waged every day in more than half of all American families — the war against drug and alcohol addiction.
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Child Discipline Problems Solved with New Learning Methods – Not Drugs
How would you like to be forced to take a mind-altering drug on a regular basis because you were not behaving in a way that your parents wanted you to? How would you like to be given a label that could stick with you for life because you wouldn’t keep your attention on the subject in class?
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Six Months after September 11th – Americans Learn to Help Themselves
As much as we are determined to rise to this challenge and fight back, many people have found it almost impossible. If we succumb to the danger, allow the apathy and fear to rule our lives, we lose our optimism and our ability to be productive. When we react this way the economy suffers and this threatens the survival of our country.
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Breast Cancer – The Toxin Trail
Testifying before the British House of Commons Committee on the environment on behalf of the Canadian Public Health Association, Dr. Nicole Bruinsma told a federal government committee that there is a link between pesticides and breast cancer.
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Surveys Reveal New Thinking About the Mind
Six months after September 11th, with America engaged in the biggest light-infantry battle since the Vietnam War, a new survey just done on a cross-section of college students who use the Internet reveals attitudes on the mind that bode well for the country’s future.
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