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Testifying before the British House of Commons Committee on the environment on behalf of the Canadian Public Health Association, Dr. Nicole Bruinsma told a federal government committee that there is a link between pesticides and breast cancer.

Bruinsma says the human body has been invaded by at least 500 chemicals in the last 80 years and warns persistent organic pollutants accumulate and concentrate in fatty tissue, especially female breasts. Americans utilize over 2 million pounds of pesticides each year. For those of us who love juicy red tomatoes, it might be a little disheartening to know there are 42 different kinds of pesticides used on this vegetable category alone. Strawberries have 38 different kinds and apples 34. A grand total of over 400 types of pesticides are being used on food crops today.

The breakthrough book, Clear Body, Clear Mind, by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, supports Dr. Bruinsma’s findings and offers hope for a simple procedure to rid the body of these toxins. The book details Hubbard’s research and discoveries on how toxins and pollutants lodge in the fatty tissues of the body causing all manner of ill effects – both physical and mental.

Bruinsma says she has found evidence from studies of lab animals to humans, exploring links between rates of cancers and pesticide exposure. She blames the presence of pesticides for the disease.

She points to studies of Inuit in the Arctic who have high levels of contaminants in their tissue and breast milk. They absorb these through the food they eat: whale and seal fat. It means the whales and seals are getting it from the food they’re eating, too.

“There are no unexposed groups left in the world,” said Bruinsma.

The Purification Program outlined in the book is a carefully designed and monitored combination of nutrition, vitamins, exercises and sweat-out in a low heat sauna which gets rid of these harmful toxins. Independent testing has confirmed Hubbard’s findings.

A study conducted by the Research Center for Chronic Pain and Chemical Dependency Disorders showed that during the program toxins show up in the sweat and urine, levels rose and then dropped to nothing as the toxins are dislodged and removed from the body.

Dr. Samuel Epstein, author of The Breast Cancer Prevention program and the Politics of Cancer, recently took the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute to task over National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, saying that their narrow focus on mammograms as a prevention method is short sighted.

“The primary focus of NBCAM reveals profoundly misguided priorities and a disturbing lack of commitment to prevention,” wrote Epstein.

“In fact, we know a great deal about its avoidable causes,” said Epstein. His list includes:

* prolonged use of oral contraceptives and estrogen replacement therapy.

* high-fat animal and dairy product diets that are heavily contaminated with chlorinated pesticides that are estrogenic and carcinogenic to the breast, and meat contaminated with potent sex hormones following their use to fatten cattle in feed lots prior to slaughter.

* exposure to harmful chemicals in the workplace, hazardous waste sites and plants that pollute soil, air and water, as well as indoor air pollutants, including carcinogenic pesticides and solvents.

* prolonged use of black and dark brown permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes.

* heavy smoking and drinking commencing in adolescence.

* inactivity and obesity.

Making women aware of these avoidable risks rather than fixating just on early detection should be the goal of a truly effective Cancer Awareness Program.

And knowing that they can do something about the toxins already in their bodies with L. Ron Hubbard’s Purification Program should be a relief to millions of women.

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